Ok..so the blog is up.

So now what?

I’ll try to keep this as entertaining and up-to-date and relevant as possible.

#Random….I’ve never seen an episode of Hoarders before but as I glance up at the TV, this show is on and this dude is crying crocodile tears over the fact that they removed hundreds of rats from his home. My dude….ARE YOU FLIPPIN’ SERIOUS?

Oh yeah, I’m not exactly going to always be PG-rated, sometimes it’ll get downright X-rated and sometimes extremely random. Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously – SIT BACK, RELAX, and enjoy my exploits, conquests and musings about …. just regular ole shit.

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One Response to Ok..so the blog is up.

  1. skrapdiggy says:

    I saw the same thing and wanted to reach through the TV like Uncle Pecos in that old Tom And Jerry cartoon and slap his face. Madness, I tell you…

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