Rapper Jim Jones wants us to pray for him…..

Well, to be more exact, let’s take it back.

According to Miss Info, a celebrity gossip columnist/blogger/ex-host affiliated with New York’s Hot 97 FM radio station, rapper Jim Jones of the Dipset was involved in a pretty bad auto accident.  He sent Miss Info the following picture via text..





and he also sent the following Tweet..

Why do I feel a certain way about this?

Warning, this is about to become an A-hole Rant. Not because I’m not religious and do not subscribe to the faulty “sacraments” of all these various existing faiths.  I am indeed a God-fearing man and still respectful towards those who do choose to believe and practice their faith in the way they (are told to) do….

but I’m an intellectual smart-ass if I do say so myself.

“Pray for us”

Listen, I value almost all human life and I am not one to judge who is deserving of life and who isn’t.  Jimmy was in an accident that looked pretty serious.  Too often people are in accidents and don’t live through them.  I’ve been through only one myself and although it wasn’t as serious as this seemed, you do have a “near death” experience with stuff like this.  So I’m sure fear was at play here.  Shock was at play.

“Pray for us”

Pray for whom, exactly?  You?  Your crew?  The people in the other car?  Was there another car even involved?  Who knows?  We DO know that you walked away from the accident, Jimmy, so what exactly are we praying for?  We DO know that you were able to take a picture of the accident remains and email it to a radio gosssip chick, so what exactly are we praying for again?  We DO know that you had the wherewithall to send a Tweet about the accident, so what are we praying for again?  Was there another car involved in the accident?  Were they hurt?  How about us praying for them since you seem to be OK?

Like I said, this is an A-hole Rant so pardon if you don’t see my sensitivity right now.

I’m a hip-hop activist and enthusiast.  I rep the culture, even though I’m thoroughly ashamed of some of the characters who inhabit it nowadays.  I’m not one of these people who immediately turn my nose up at rhymes that depict death, drugs, murder, hoes and sex.  It’s a part of life and entertainment.  As long as these things are acceptable “topics” in movies and TV, then I don’t see an issue with it in hip-hop music.

But when that’s ALL you have to offer in your body of work, then I’m sorry, you don’t register very high on the Sympathy Odometer.

What has Jim Jones offered his audience, faithful and casual?

His whole catalogue and existence is surrounded by gang-affiliated nonsense (don’t get it twisted, that whole Dipset/Byrdgang crap references affiliations with the Bloods gang – people still rep that bullshit in 2011?), drug-dealing and flossing.   He’s thumbed his nose at the idea of giving legends and pioneers the respect they have earned (i.e. Nas & Jay-Z), and has even turned on his boss (Cam’Ron) for a time in a ego-driven quest for his own “shine.”  He talks a lot of shit and talked real tough with a level of adolescent (funny considering he’s almost as old as these “old rappers” he’s had problems with) sneer and disregard.

“I’m gonna smack the kufi off of Nas’ head when I see him!”

And he wants us to pray for him?

Sorry, my dude.  I’m not religious but I’ve been religious for enough time in my life that I know that prayer is deserving to those who have shown a semblance of being meek, humble and serviceable.  You, sir, have been none of the above to your public so why should the faith-abiding public adorn you with prayer?  Because you “blessed” them with a hit song or two?  Because you weave tales in your songs of how you move ki’s of coke and weed through the same streets you and your audience rep?  Because you entertain us with silly talk of how you’ll smack any rap nigga up for talking reckless?  Because you “Blow Your Smoke” while driving in the drop screaming “fuck the cops”?

You walked away from the accident able to Tweet and send emails to a gossip columnist.  Consider your prayer (and miracle) already granted.  Don’t burden us with requests for more prayer than you possibly deserve.


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One Response to Rapper Jim Jones wants us to pray for him…..

  1. skrapdiggy says:

    I wish this were somewhere that the hip hop nation at large could see it…you should send this to every publication that reps hip hop.

    No. Really. You should.

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